2020 – 2023: Here for Good.

The Jewish Alliance has a unique opportunity to transform the Jewish community in greater Rhode Island over the next three years to create the stronger, more vibrant Jewish community that is truly desired by and for all of us. The Alliance has built a foundation for success, and is poised to achieve all of the goals outlined in this plan. Doing so will require the Alliance Board of Directors, staff, and the community to think differently, experiment with new approaches, and open the door to new relationships with other community agencies and synagogues.

Through an extensive community outreach and listening process during the fall of 2019, the Jewish Alliance selected three primary goals and four supporting goals to focus the work of the organization over the next three years and beyond. These goals respond to the community feedback, while also building on the areas that the Alliance is uniquely qualified to address in our community. While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things about life, these goals remain meaningful, and perhaps, more meaningful than even before the crisis.

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