Capital Campaign
These donors supported the ongoing capital needs of the Dwares JCC and Jewish Alliance.

Francine & Stephen Beranbaum
James Connor & Ann Donohue
Bonnie S. Dwares
Residential Properties Ltd.
Ronen & Ania Schwartzman
The Bernard Wasserman Family
Susie & Frederick Weingeroff
The Weiss Family: Howard & Elaine Weiss and Jonathan (z"l) & Aleen Weiss

LiveSecure Campaign
These donors contributed to the safety and security of Rhode Island’s Jewish community and institutions.

Sheila Boudreau
Edwin S. Soforenko Foundation

Living on the Edge Campaign
These donors helped combat economic vulnerability in our community.

Brian Cohen
Anonymous (1)

Ukraine Relief and COVID-19 Relief Funds
The Talmud states, “Kol Yisrael arevim zeh bazeh” – “All Jews are responsible for each other.” In this time of great need, these kind and charitable donors took this to heart – and had an immediate impact on their local and global communities.

Lynn Arditi
M. Charles & Elizabeth Bakst
Bill & Beth Barker
Mary Benton
Jane Berkowitz
David Bermon
Denise Berson
Marcela Zebede Blank
Matthew Blank
Alan & Pat Buff
George S. Burman & Yvette E. Yatchmink
Linda Eisenmann
Harold & Sara-Ann Foster
Michele D. Gallagher
Susan & Lawrence Ginsberg
Milton & Barbara Glicksman
Burton & Carol (z"l) Greifer
Ilene and Richard Jacobs
Jason & Anna Kane
Dr. Jerald & Mrs. Leslie Katz
Maureen Kelman
W. Robert & Lois Kemp
Rabbi Andrew Klein & Adam Mastoon
Ralph & Delia Klingbeil
Lisa Koffler
Shoshana Landow
Gerhard Leib
Drs. Joanna & Victor Lerish
Paul Lietar
Thomas McNaught
Jessica Needham
Steven & Karri Parola
Miriam & Arthur Plitt
Dr. Roy M. & June Poses
Maxine Richman
Esteruth & Leonard Rumpler
Andrea & Jay Schachne
Lauren & Joseph Schechtman
Kenneth Scigulinsky
Paul (z"l) & Roberta Segal
Janet & Joseph (z"l) Shansky
In Memory of Maurice J. and Fannie M. Shore
Maria & Hendrik Smit
Starr & Tobak Families
Rabbi Howard & Annie Voss-Altman
Edie & Jerry Weinstein
Dr. Samuel Zwetchkenbaum & Deborah Carr
Anonymous (9)

(z”l) — of blessed memory

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