The Women’s Alliance at the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island

Inspired by, and acting on the Jewish traditions of tzedakah and tikkun olam, The Women's Alliance is focused on creating a strong Jewish community at home and abroad.

Why become active in the Jewish Alliance?

What better way to underscore your commitment to tzedakah than to give a gift in your own name. Take your place in the long line of women who have carried on this fundamental Jewish tradition, and inspire others to galvanize their Jewish caring into giving that makes a difference.

Boost your credibility and empowerment as a leader and policy maker. Demonstrate your commitment to enlightened philanthropy and harness the power to make a difference. Your dedication to and acceptance of responsibility for the needs of the Jewish community will shine.

Leverage your influence as a woman, as a full partner and decision-maker in your family, your community, and Jewish People. Stand up for your beliefs with your individual gift.

Programs and Events

Don’t miss out on the Women’s Alliance’s year-round events, getting involved with the Jewish community with events for and by women.

Outreach and Social Activities

The Women’s Alliance premier events include:

Education, Leadership Development, and Missions

Experience unforgettable Israel and the world: Embark on a women’s Mission to Jewish communities around globe. Travel with us near and far to see where your dollars go and how you make a difference.


The women in our community are dedicated to helping Jews in need in Greater Rhode Island, in Israel and around the world. The Women’s Alliance provides many ways for you to make a difference, both through your own women’s gift and by inspiring others.


For more information about getting involved in The Women’s Alliance, email us at or call 401.421.4111.