Our Mission

To build and sustain the local and global Jewish community by maximizing philanthropic resources and volunteer efforts, as well as providing social, cultural, educational and wellness opportunities.

Our Vision

To create a stronger more vibrant Jewish community through philanthropy and opportunities for connection.

Our Guiding Values

Today’s Alliance serves to enrich the quality of life for Jews in Rhode Island, in Israel, and around the world. The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island meets this goal through philanthropy, planning, education and wellness opportunities, community relations, and volunteer recruitment and training. The Alliance convenes agencies, synagogues, and organizations to address issues of common concern. Together, we transform Jewish tradition and values into action.

Whether caring for people in need or nurturing and sustaining Jewish identity for future generations, this is where our community comes together as one; where we, as a community, develop innovative responses to critical, often life-threatening issues; where anyone who needs help can get it; where an energized Jewish community grows and celebrates; and where everyone, including you, can make a difference right now.