The Israel Emergency Fund is chaired by Cindy & Mark Feinstein

On October 7, an unprecedented and horrifying attack against Israel was launched over Shabbat and the holiday of Shemini Atzeret. Israel is now at war. The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island stands with Israel and has opened this emergency fund to provide immediate financial assistance and relief to victims of terror and war.

100% of your donation will go toward supporting victims of terror and addressing the unprecedented levels of trauma caused by these horrific attacks.

In times of crisis, we stand together. Now, more than ever, our Israeli brethren need our support. While our hearts break for the fallen and their families, we are proud that the Rhode Island community rallies to show our support. We pray for peace and the safety and security of all those we love and for Israel.

Any amount you can give will help. Thank you for your generosity.

Click here to see more ways the Alliance has supported Israel since the start of the war.

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