I hope you’ve had a great week, and that your Hanukkah has been full of light and joy, even in these difficult times. The end of the calendar year means many things. There is a hustle and bustle to the season as everyone rushes toward the holidays and to get things done before the calendar turns to 2024. One of those things is end-of-year giving. If this is the time of year that you make charitable gifts, I’d ask that you consider a gift to the Alliance, even if you have already given.

This year our community has been so generous, raising over one million dollars for the Israel Emergency Fund, and I’m so grateful for that. We were able to do this because of the work that the Alliance does each and every day courtesy of our Annual Community Campaign.

Click here to the read the transcribed version of the Shabbat message.

The resources needed to do our work take significant investment, and can only happen because of supporters of our Annual Community Campaign. So please consider making a gift at jewishallianceri.org/donate. Thank you so much for investing in our community.

And finally, today, a bittersweet note. It takes a team to create these Shabbat messages each week. While I write and deliver them, we have folks who edit my script, and someone who films and edits the video. That person is Robert Isenberg, and this week is his last week with the Alliance. Robert exemplifies the type of great staff person we have at the Alliance. All our staff work so hard to make our community vibrant and thriving, and I feel so grateful to work with all of them each day. So, thanks to Robert, and thanks to all our Alliance staff, for all they do for us.

Until next time, I wish you a safe, peaceful, and joyous Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom,
Adam Greenman
President & CEO

PS: While our Israel Emergency Fund has raised more than one million dollars since the attacks on October 7, there is still great need. Consider supporting the Israel Emergency Fund today.