We are organizations and leaders dedicated to fostering a climate of acceptance and inclusion for all communities in Rhode Island, including the LGBTQ+ community. House Representative Quattrochi’s recent public suggestion that an openly LGBTQ state Representative might be a pedophile resurrects dangerous and decades-old stereotypes of LGBTQ+ people and wholly departs from our state’s commitment to equality, mutual respect and belonging. Such alarming and undignified comments must also be understood within a context of rising white nationalist activity across the country and here in Rhode Island, which has among its targets the LGBTQ+ community.

What the people of Rhode Island, and especially our youth, need to be hearing from elected leaders instead are affirmations of acceptance and inclusion, not negative stereotypes that feed misinformation and extremism. We hope that every elected leader will take this opportunity to affirm the inherent dignity and humanity of LGBTQ+ Rhode Islanders.



Economic Progress Institute

Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island

Lighthouse Kosher

Mitzvah Matzos

Rhode Island Board of Rabbis

Rhode Island KIDS COUNT

Oasis Wellness and Recovery Center of RI