June 15,2018 | by: Kara Marziali

Dear Friends, This past Wednesday evening, the Jewish Alliance celebrated its seventh Annual Meeting. For those who weren’t able to attend, I’ve included my remarks below. You can also visit our Facebook page to see portions of the event that were live streamed including the presentation of the Joseph W. Ress Community Service Award to Rabbi Wayne […]

June 01,2018 | by: Kara Marziali

Dear Friends, All you have to do is turn on the news to witness the pervasive epidemic of harassment gripping our society. The list of high-profile individuals being accused of lewd and lascivious acts grows by the week. And just days ago lines were drawn and repercussions swift after a celebrity’s racist and insensitive (and […]

May 11,2018 | by: Kara Marziali

Dear Friends, Earlier this week I had the honor of representing Rhode Island at the biennial conference of the JCC Association. I joined nearly 700 Jewish professionals from across the world in Memphis, TN to talk about the future of Jewish communities in North America and beyond. Conferences like this offer great opportunities for networking, […]

April 27,2018 | by: Kara Marziali

Dear Friends, There’s always a lot going on this time of year. Often the arrival of spring marks the start of our summer planning. It’s this reason that I’m asking you now to mark your calendar for our 2018 Annual Meeting taking place at the Dwares JCC on Wednesday, June 13 at 7:00pm. This year […]

April 13,2018 | by: Kara Marziali

Dear Friends, This week and next, a delegation of Rhode Island teens is experiencing March of the Living 2018. This annual educational program brings individuals from around the world to Poland and Israel with the goal of inspiring participants to fight indifference, racism, and injustice by witnessing the atrocities of the Holocaust. The hope is that the […]

April 10,2018 | by: Kara Marziali

By Tslil Reichman Yom in Hebrew means day—just a regular, random day. But when you add a powerful word after it, it can change from just a day to something more meaningful: Yom Ha’Zikaron and Yom Ha’Atzmaut. Due to different events that have occurred throughout my life, these days, the “Yoms,” have become the most […]

March 23,2018 | by: Kara Marziali

Dear Friends, Spring is here–and so are the ups and downs of March weather! Despite a close call with snow this week, I love spring for a variety of reasons. With its arrival comes a sense of renewal, the start of warmer weather, and the return of baseball to name a few. The start of […]

March 09,2018 | by: Kara Marziali

Dear Friends, For the past several months the Alliance has been hosting a variety of events leading up to the momentous 70th birthday of Israel. I can’t think of a better way to cap off this season-long celebration than with a 10-day community mission to Israel taking place October 15 – 23, 2018. Whether it’s […]

February 23,2018 | by: Kara Marziali

The following open letter to the community appeared in the February 16 issue of “The Jewish Voice.” I am sharing this with you again because I believe in its importance and want to ensure as many people as possible in our Jewish community and beyond see this. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, […]

February 09,2018 | by: Kara Marziali

Dear Friends: As the Alliance begins the process of implementing our new strategic plan–which includes themes of innovation–I thought it would be great to highlight examples of innovation from within our Jewish community. While there are certainly many local examples to choose from, I’m pleased to share with you three innovative programs focused specifically on […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Innovation worth celebrating 02.09.18

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