On Tuesday I joined more than 100 Rhode Islanders down in Washington, D.C. for the March for Israel. We were joined by nearly 300,000 fellow Jews from around the country as well as those who aren’t Jewish, but who wanted to stand in solidarity with us.

It was incredible to be there as we heard speakers like our Congressional leadership condemn Hamas’s barbaric actions on October 7. To hear speaker after speaker from Deborah Lipstadt to Deborah Messing call for the release of the hostages. And to hear everyone call out the rise in antisemitism we have seen here at home.

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As we approach Thanksgiving, I would understand if you were questioning what we as a Jewish community have to be thankful for this year. Like we’ve been doing so much of the last few weeks, we have to be able to hold multiple ideas and multiple emotions at the same time. We can be sad at the state of the world right now, but we can also be thankful. Thankful for family and community. Thankful for friendship and health. Even in this tough moment, let’s resolve to give thanks, and to hope for better days ahead.

Until next time, I wish you a safe, peaceful, and joyous Shabbat, and a happy Thanksgiving.

Shabbat Shalom,
Adam Greenman
President & CEO