This week’s Shabbat message is a bit different. Now that the first three episodes of our podcast series, Breaking the Glass, are available, I’ve asked Emma Newbery, the series producer, to join me. Emma’s done such a great job weaving the stories of so many of our community members into this podcast, so I wanted to give her the chance to share more about what you can expect to hear when you listen.

Click here to the read the transcribed version of the Shabbat message.

Here are the links to the first three episodes of Breaking the Glass:

Episode 1: Breaking the Ice
Religious engagement in America is declining. Polarization is climbing. Who are the people finding commonality and love in today’s divided society? Multifaith couples.
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Episode 2: Breaking the News, Part 1
For multifaith couples, meeting the parents can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it’s also a chance to observe how religions and traditions diverge and overlap. Hear from couples and experts alike as they detail their experiences, sharing their happiness and the challenges they faced when their multifaith relationships started to get serious.
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Episode 3: Breaking the News, Part 2
What happens when force of habit becomes, well, forced? Breaking the News, Pt. 2 surveys the institutional responses to multifaith marriage that have cast it into the corners of communal life for far too long. Faith leaders, multifaith marriage advocates and couples break down the role – and toll – of emotions in communal decisions, helping us to break the news to ourselves: multifaith couples are looking for a place in religious communities, and it’s high time they are fully welcome.
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There will be six episodes in this series with new episodes dropping every two weeks. If you listen on platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts, please leave a rating and review, and make sure to subscribe so you get notified of future episodes. And feel free to share your interfaith/multifaith story with us for possible inclusion in a future issue of Jewish Rhode Island.

Until next time, we wish you a safe, peaceful and joyous Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom,
Adam Greenman
President & CEO