The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island unequivocally supports and warmly welcomes interfaith individuals, couples, and families. This stance is not a new one, but we want to ensure that it reaches beyond those already a part of the Alliance community. We are releasing this public statement in conjunction with our podcast series Breaking the Glass, which shares stories from multifaith partnerships and families and explores the evolution of religious attitudes towards interfaith marriage. Research and personal experiences paint a clear picture of what happens when communities, faith-based or otherwise, do not do their utmost to support and integrate members of all backgrounds. Our hope is that each person can find pieces of themselves in the Alliance’s mission, values and actions, and feel wholly a part of our community. Through this statement, accompanying media, and continued effort, the Jewish Alliance joins those individuals and organizations working to change historical attitudes towards interfaith partnerships in the Jewish community. Multifaith families are an integral piece of the Alliance, so we want to make our message clear: all beliefs, families, and partnerships are welcome here, and each of you makes our community stronger.