Anti-Semitic Activity Tracker

Anti-Semitic activity includes overt acts or expressions of anti-Jewish bigotry and hostility. Many incidents are not crimes but are still considered anti-Semitic and should be reported.

Activity includes:

  • Speech: written or verbal communication by groups or individuals (including public, elected, or religious figures). This includes publicly or privately directed letters, phone conversations, articles, speeches, email, social media posts or comments, or other forms of internet communication
  • Vandalism: damage or other criminal activity against public or private property
  • Harassment, Threats and Assault: directed at individuals or institutions
  • Discrimination: denial of employment, education, services, housing, or organizational membership
  • Hate Group Activity: rallies, recruitment, or other activities organized or sponsored by groups such as the Ku Klux Klan

The form below is meant to help track anti-Semitic incidents in the state of Rhode Island. You may report anonymously, but we encourage adding personal contact information so we can follow-up with you when appropriate. All personal details will be kept confidential, but aggregate information may be shared.

If this is an emergency, please call 911 first.

Experiencing any type of anti-Semitism may be traumatic for you or your loved ones. If you need additional support, please contact Jewish Collaborative Services at 401.331.1244 for guidance.

Anti-Semitic Activity Tracker

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