As we approach the end of another year, I want to take a few short moments to thank all of you. It is your continued support that makes our community all that it is, and I look forward to working with you and for you in the year ahead.

Click here to the read the transcribed version of the Shabbat message.

The work we do takes great people, and it also takes financial resources to make it a reality. In the past year, the Alliance has done so much to create and lift Jewish joy, and to fight antisemitism and hate wherever it arises. Please consider an end-of-year gift to help us continue this work in the year ahead.

May 2023 bring us all good health, a stronger community, and all we hope for. Until next time, I wish you a safe, peaceful, and joyous Shabbat, and a happy, healthy new year!

Shabbat Shalom,
Adam Greenman
President & CEO

PS: Episode 5 of Breaking the Glass is out now! Click here to listen on, or click here to listen on the platform of your choice.