Women’s Alliance Endowment Fund

Women’s Alliance Endowment Fund

Established in 1993, the Women’s Alliance Endowment Fund (WAEF) benefits Jewish women and girls by supporting educational, health, cultural, and social services and programs worldwide.

As of June 2018, the fund was worth over $175,000 and growing.  A contribution of $1,000 paid over up to 4 years names you a member of the WAEF. Membership to the fund allows you to directly impact women and girls locally and around the world by participating in an annual meeting that selects programs to support. To date, the WAEF has 131 members.

Women’s Alliance Endowment Fund Request for Proposals

The WAEF welcomes grant proposals from Jewish organizations and synagogues in Rhode Island, southeastern Massachusetts, and Israel whose missions fall within the purview of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island.

In 2019, allocations totaling $7,981 were awarded to the following programs:

Supporting Local Programming for Jewish Women and Girls

  • Brown RISD Hillel’s Rosh Hodesh series: $400
  • Camp JORI’s Professional Development/Staff Training: $1,000
  • Congregation Beth David’s Intergenerational Rosh Hodesh Group: $500
  • Congregation Beth Sholom’s Women, Torah and Leadership Series: $700
  • University of Rhode Island Hillel’s Rosh Hodesh Sorority Events: $625

Supporting Programming in Israel for Jewish Women and Girls

  • Beit Ruth Educational and Therapeutic Village’s Animal-Assisted Therapy: $250
  • Israel Goldstein Youth Village’s Musical Bands Initiative: $500
  • ELI: Israel Association for Child Protection’s Group Therapy for Sexually Abused Girls: $500
  • Ethiopian National Project’s SPACE (School Performance and Community Empowerment) Holistic Girls Empowerment Program: $1,220
  • Kehilat Kol HaNeshama’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program: $800
  • Leket Israel’s Feeding Israel’s Children At Risk program: $500
  • NITZA – The Israel Center for Maternal Health’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program For Mothers With Prenatal Or Postpartum Illness: $500
  • Refanah Healing Holidays’ Vacations for Female Cancer Patients and Caregivers: $500

For more information on the Women’s Alliance Endowment Fund or to become a member, contact Sara Masri, Chief Development Officer: Sara Masri or call 401.421.4111, ext. 223.

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