Shabbat Shalom From the President: 11.1.13

For years, I was quite proud of myself that I had not succumbed to the allure of Facebook and blissfully remained a product of the 20th century. Then my oldest daughter Mollie travelled to Israel for her Gap Year: I figured if I wanted to know what she was doing (without having to constantly nudge her), then Facebook could become my best friend and nosy parent information source. I thus took the Facebook leap in August, and I see how powerful this social media tool really is. Please forgive me, loyal disciples of manual checkbook writing and print newspaper readers….I have become a convert.

 "Can't wait to be reunited with my dad next week in Israel."

“Can’t wait to be reunited with my dad next week in Israel.”

Two days ago, while scrolling though endless screens of my friends’ activities and pontifications, I saw something that warmed my soul and melted my heart. Mollie posted a picture of the two of us, with a caption that read “Can’t wait to be reunited with my dad next week in Israel.” Mollie has been loving every second of her magical first three months in Israel. From riding camels in the desert to volunteering on both an army base and a kibbutz, to studying at Tel Aviv University, Mollie is making dozens of new Israeli and American friends. She is also enjoying the night life in Tel Aviv and Haifa far more I suspect than I would approve, and my little girl has blossomed with confidence, happiness and independence. How proud and excited I am that I have the privilege of experiencing Israel through her eyes next week. The itinerary Mollie has planned for us consists of three days in Tel Aviv, Shabbat on the Dead Sea, Saturday night and Sunday in Haifa, and three days in Jerusalem (where I will be participating in the Jewish Federations of North America’s annual General Assembly, which I will report about later this month).

So, I will not need Facebook next week to experience the joys of Mollie in Israel. Instead, I will selfishly be able to experience such joys all by myself.

Shabbat shalom and best wishes always,


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Shabbat Shalom From the President: 11.1.13

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