Shabbat Shalom From the President 08.08.14

Our wonderful J-Camp Shaliach, Maor Mintz, wrote the following email of thanks to a few of my colleagues and me. I was so moved and proud that I wanted to share a slightly edited version of it with you.

Shalom Everyone,

A few weeks ago my reserve unit in Israel got called for active duty and started taking part in defending the people of Israel from Hamas in Operation Protective Edge. Because of my commitment to the Dwares JCC day camp in Providence and the Jewish Agency for Israel, I was not able to join my friends in this brave act, but I still wanted to help.  My unit was in need of backpacks to carry their personal gear in the posts and fields they needed to occupy, and requested that I try to assist in receiving backpacks for them as donations. Thanks to the enormous help of the Jewish Alliance and friends, we were able to secure $10,000 from members of our Rhode Island Jewish community to get our boys the equipment they needed.

The backpacks arrived Monday, August 4, and my unit was both very excited and completely honored to receive such an amazing donation. They sent me pictures and a thank you.

I cannot express with words my gratitude to all the wonderful people that have allowed this amazing donation to happen. TODAH RABBAH, thank you all!!



Shabbat Shalom, my friends. Thank you for your enormous generosity and support in contributing $120,000 and counting, towards our Stop The Sirens Israel Emergency Relief Campaign. May peace remain in Israel, and todah rabbah to you, Maor and your fellow heroes, who serve in Company B, Battalion 8116, IDF Reserve.


Shabbat Shalom From the President 08.08.14

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