Shabbat Shalom: Moving Forward 09.29.17

Dear Friends:


My last Shabbat message focused on the importance of reflection and renewal. And now, as we head into Yom Kippur—the holiest of days on the Jewish calendar—I have been thinking a lot about the connection between repentance and self-improvement.  In a recent email, a colleague of mine said: This year, Yom Kippur seems to signify to the Jewish people and to the world that it’s time to take a breath and aim for better. I couldn’t agree more.


It is in this spirit of aiming for better that we continue to take a close look at the work of the Alliance and our role in the community. Our focus continues to be on these key questions:


  • What are we doing right?
  • What can we do better?
  • Are we meeting the needs of the community?


We recognize that asking ourselves these questions is not enough. In order for us to truly grow as an organization, we need to hear from you. In our ongoing effort for organizational reflection and improvement, we have created a new email address for you to send us your thoughts and ideas:  Think of this as a virtual suggestion box. We hope you will use this function as a way to open the lines of communication between us as we move forward together.


This time of reflection offers us all an opportunity to become even stronger—a quality that will surely be in greater demand in the year ahead. May this Yom Kippur make us more inspired and committed than ever.


Wishing you an easy fast, a meaningful Yom Kippur, and a peaceful Shabbat.






Adam Greenman | President & CEO

Shabbat Shalom: Moving Forward 09.29.17

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