Shabbat Shalom: Community Spaces 05.11.18

Dear Friends,

Earlier this week I had the honor of representing Rhode Island at the biennial conference of the JCC Association. I joined nearly 700 Jewish professionals from across the world in Memphis, TN to talk about the future of Jewish communities in North America and beyond.

Conferences like this offer great opportunities for networking, but more importantly, they offer the opportunity to step back and think more broadly about the big picture. At the conference, we heard from thought leaders from the United States and Israel on how to build stronger Jewish communities. We heard from an Israeli scholar on the concept of Jewish peoplehood and how to build physical spaces where the community can come together in an ever-digital world.

Much of what I heard resonated with me. I recognize the irony of speaking of the importance of physical community spaces in an electronic message, but I think they are incredibly important. In my nine months here at the Alliance I have met hundreds of people from our community and sat in on dozens of meetings-all of which confirmed that people are looking for opportunities and to better create community. Over the last few days, I’ve been reflecting on what I learned and how it connects to our work here at the Alliance and our role in creating and strengthening community in greater Rhode Island. I look forward to sharing more with you over the coming weeks and months and to working with you to create a stronger, more vibrant Jewish community in Rhode Island.

Shabbat Shalom!





Adam Greenman, President & CEO


Shabbat Shalom: Community Spaces 05.11.18

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