Shabbat Shalom: Yom Ha’Shoah, Yom Ha’Zikaron, and Yom Ha’Atzmaut 04.13.18

Dear Friends,

This week and next, a delegation of Rhode Island teens is experiencing March of the Living 2018. This annual educational program brings individuals from around the world to Poland and Israel with the goal of inspiring participants to fight indifference, racism, and injustice by witnessing the atrocities of the Holocaust. The hope is that the program will help strengthen Jewish identity, connections to Israel, and build a community of future Jewish leaders. This trip is made possible thanks to the generosity of the Ross Family Fund along with Touro Fraternal Association, the Sandra Bornstein Holocaust Education Center, and the Jewish Alliance.
Taking place annually on Yom Ha’Shoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, the March itself is a 3-kilometer walk from Auschwitz to Birkenau as a tribute to all victims of the Holocaust.

You can read more about The March in an upcoming issue of The Jewish Voice. In the meantime, below is an emotional excerpt from a member of our delegation’s daily journal:

“…And when you thought it couldn’t get worse, today we visited a labor and death camp called Majdanek. Although smaller than Treblinka, it was much more intense. Most of the camp is completely intact, and truthfully, it’s something I will never be able to un-see. It was strange taking pictures, because I don’t want them, but I feel that it’s imperative to share them in order to show others what happened…”

The second week of this transformative trip continues in Israel. On Yom Ha’Zikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day, participants will join together with all of Israel as they mourn their fallen soldiers and victims of terror. This will be followed by the joyous holiday of Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day, when all delegations will once again join for a March, but this time to the Old City in Jerusalem.
The timing of these holidays lead many to ask the question: “How can someone transition from mourning to great happiness in less than 24 hours?” I encourage you to read a powerful blog post written by Tslil Reichman, our community’s Shlichah (Israeli emissary) where she shares a very personal answer to this question.
Wishing you a peaceful Shabbat.




Adam Greenman, President & CEO

Shabbat Shalom: Yom Ha’Shoah, Yom Ha’Zikaron, and Yom Ha’Atzmaut 04.13.18

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