Caring & Social Responsibility

Our community grows warmer with every kindness –

and with every person in our community who thrives.

Together, we care.

Caring and Social Responsibility helps to put food on the table, keep a roof overhead, and address other critical needs of children, seniors, and the many individuals and families who are struggling in these hard times.

There are many Jewish homes in greater Rhode Island where it has taken a little help from generous friends to put food on the table.  The brutal reality of today’s economy has not spared the Jewish community. Our Annual Campaign is a lifeline for people in need.

Since it opened in 2009, the Louis and Goldie Chester Full Plate Kosher Food Pantry – operated by Jewish Seniors Agency, with Annual Campaign support – has distributed more than 100 tons of nutritious kosher food to local Jewish families in need. Every month, about 150 people are served – each of them receiving about 36 pounds of food at every visit.

Families and individuals of all ages need support these days – including seniors, many of whom are living alone and struggling quietly to manage life’s logistics or make ends meet.

Over the past few years, we have provided emergency assistance for groceries, utilities, rent, eyeglasses, school clothes, and scores of other urgent needs for people in trouble – many of whom have never been forced to request help before.

We routinely link people with mental health services, visiting nurse services, and other essential programs – providing subsidies when necessary. And we help eligible people to secure public assistance.

And there’s so much more.

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