Jewish Peoplehood

Jewish Peoplehood

We are a worldwide Jewish community

linked forever by history, heritage, and kindness.

We are family.

Together, we grow.

Jewish Peoplehood helps our community survive and thrive worldwide – making life-saving food deliveries to impoverished seniors, providing educational and social programs for at-risk children, helping Jewish people everywhere to discover their heritage, and more.

Millions of people live in places where being Jewish can still mean economic hardship or the threat of physical harm. We are helping them to recover their culture – and, sometimes, their health, their dignity, and their sense of belonging to a global Jewish community that cares.

Every year, more than 700 Polish Jews travel to Warsaw for Limmud Keshet, an annual three-day festival of learning and culture – reclaiming heritage in a place where Judaism was silent for too long.

Limmud Keshet is one of many programs – in Cuba, in Poland, in the former Soviet Union, and elsewhere – that bring our people home to the global Jewish community, with support from our Annual Campaign.

Desperately poor elders in Poland, in Israel, in the former Soviet Union, and elsewhere depend on our weekly food deliveries to survive.

Ethiopian émigré children in Israel are recovering from heartbreaking trauma in the warmth of a nurturing community, with our support.

Israeli children and teens at risk are receiving educational and social support that will allow them to become confident, competent adults.

And there’s so much more.

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