Our Impact

In order to serve the needs of people who need help, we need the passion of those who can help.”

Mel Alperin  |  Providence, Rhode Island

Our community is calling.

Every day, we help children – here at home and all over the world – to experience Jewish identity for the first time, or in a new way.

Every day, we help people of all ages to feel more connected – to the local and global Jewish community – and less alone.

And, every day, we help to lighten the load for people whose lives have grown heavy with the challenges of aging or illness or grief, or the needs of children, or the loss of a job in a tenuous economy.

The Jewish Alliance is here for support and celebration. We’re here for the hungry, for the lonely, and for all who are looking for a home – culturally, spiritually, socially, and all too often in these hard times, literally. And we’re here for all who seek to share, grow, and learn Jewishly within a warm circle of friends.

For nearly 70 years, the Jewish community of Greater Rhode Island has shown its commitment here and worldwide. With your help, the Alliance sustains more than 300 programs and services that truly have an impact on individuals’ lives everyday.

Leveraging the generosity of our donors, our strategic expertise, and the talents of our partners we focus on three areas:

Together, with your help

  • We ensure continuity by sending kids to Jewish camp and day school
  • We help non-Jewish moms raise Jewish children
  • We keep Jewish elders worldwide safe, healthy, and well-nourished
  • We feed the hungry and meet other essential needs in our community
  • We help Judaism – and Jewish people – survive and thrive everywhere
  • We support individuals and families in leading meaningful lives as engaged members of our Jewish community.

      And there’s so much more.

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