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Education leads to empowerment

Learning materials for Jewish education available to all

The Alliance aims to provide the best education, support, and experience possible for all students and members of synagogues regardless of learning styles, abilities, and challenges who might not otherwise have access to Jewish education.

By empowering educators and improving classroom practices, Alliance Education Resources supports area schools in their mission to provide high-quality, dynamic Jewish education in Greater Rhode Island. Alliance Education Resources also provides professional development and services to teachers and staff to improve student learning.

Alliance Library

The Alliance Library collects print and audiovisual resources appropriate for use in Jewish education including:

  • Storybooks with background information
  • Books on specific instructional strategies
  • Videos that illustrate how strategies are implemented in the classroom.

These resources and guides are available to teachers, schools, Jewish communal agencies, and organizations to enhance learning and provide background knowledge for educators.

The collection is also available for personal entertainment and enrichment, organizations’ film series, design of personalized ritual ceremonies (baby namings, b’nei mitzvah, etc.), references for public school and college projects, and more.

Inclusion and Special Needs Support

The Alliance also serves students with special needs in synagogue schools by providing pull-out programs, classroom tutors, and one-to-one aides, ensuring all academic and physical needs are met. Collaborative support to teachers and administration helps ensure best practices in multiple areas of education, such as differentiated instruction and direct service. By educating all students, parents, teachers, and administrators, as well as the broader community, we promote understanding and acceptance of the students we serve.

Israel Travel

Looking for educational experiences in Israel and abroad? The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island is your resource for grants, savings programs, and more.

Access the Alliance’s Educational Services:

To learn more about the Alliance’s Education Resources, contact Larry Katz, Director of Jewish Life & Learning, at 401.421.4111 ext. 179, or lkatz@jewishallianceri.org

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