(401)j NextGen

(401)j is open to community members in their 20s, 30s, and early 40s.

Tell me more about (401)j?
It’s your friends. It’s your community. It’s your programs. (401)j is a group of dynamic Jews, ages early 20s to mid-40s, who are dedicated to building a thriving Jewish collaboration in the “401.” Through a variety of programs including social, cultural, educational, and advocacy, young Jews like you are continuing the tradition of community. Whether you’re professionals, grad students, just starting your adult lives, or are married and have children, stop wandering… (401)j is your destination.

OK, but what makes it different than other NextGen groups?
This innovative cross-faction initiative will lead Rhode Island’s next generation into a stronger Jewish future. By joining forces and combining efforts, we will focus differently, act effectively, and engage broadly to bridge the gap between our rich historical roots and our burgeoning communal future.

Who can get involved with (401)j ?
Whether you’re a professional, a grad student, just starting your adult life, or you’re married with children, stop wandering…(401)j is your destination.

What will (401)j offer me?
If you’re interested in volunteering, learning more about Jewish heritage, networking socially and professionally, joining in Torah study, or all of the above, (401)j is the total package.

Interested in learning more about (401)j?
Email Lisa Maybruch or call 401.421.4111, ext. 111.
And be sure to follow (401)j on Facebook

Get to know (401)j’s Board:
Ryan Forman, Chair/Governance Committee
Ryan is also a member of governance committee and the bylaws task force.  He is also newly appointed to the board of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island.  Ryan works at Citizens Bank as a Contact Center Dr. Specialist for Education Finance.  He teaches fifth grade at Temple Beth-El in Providence, where he is also a congregant.  He is a member of Touro Fraternal Association and Millennial RI.  In his free time, Ryan enjoys Marvel movies, Tuesday Trivia at Ogies, and reading history books.

Welcoming and Engagement Committee

Talia Myers, Head of Welcoming and Engagement Committee
Talia is originally from Springfield, IL and she has been living in Rhode Island for over a year. She is the chair of the Welcoming and Engagement Committee on the (401)j board. Talia is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) and she works at a community health center providing counseling services to adolescents and adults. Talia has felt very welcomed by the (401)j community and she has very much enjoyed living in Providence.

Events and Programming Committee

Samantha Goldman
Samantha is a native Rhode Islander. She teaches special education and ESL.  She received her Bachelors in Science and two masters from Rhode Island College.  Samantha loves planning events and meeting new people. She is a newly appointed board member and is also running the (401)j Book Club!  Some of her favorite things include live theatre, spending time with family and friends, animals, listening to music, and having fun.  One of her favorite (401)j events is Vodka Latke.

Governance Committee

Petr Petrick
Petr joined the board of (401)j in August 2017 and currently serves as a member of (401)j’s Bylaws & Governance Committee.  A lifelong Rhode Islander, Petr is a graduate of Rhode Island College and currently works as an Insurance Examiner for the Rhode Island Insurance Division.  Hobbies/activities include fitness, tennis, and creative writing; and with various interests such as theater, film, literature, entrepreneurship, and all things Jewish!

Community members interested in serving in a leadership position on the (401)j Executive Committee should email Lisa Maybruch for more information, or call 401.421.4111, ext. 111.

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