J-Fitness at Home

We want to make sure you’re staying active and practicing self-care during the COVID-19 crisis. Check back for more video content from your favorite J-Fitness trainers and staff! Be well!

June 3:
This video goes through some ergonomic gardening tips for folks with vegetable or flower gardens to help focus on posture and steer away from hurting the lower back by constantly bending over.

June 1:
Have fun with this basic bellydance for cardio clip. Feel free to rewind each move to get the technique then repeat the sequence to get your heart rate up and most importantly have fun!

May 27:
Bicep Curls with Tom

May 19:
Jamie takes you through a meditation that focuses on the hands and breath.

May 18:
Chair Yoga with Jamie – For this practice he will just need a chair with no arms. This 100% seated chair yoga sequence will help you get the body moving without having to get on the floor. Be sure to do both sides.

May 12:
Our energy can flow from one moment to the next. Allow yourself to honor it and give yourself permission to relax when you need. For this meditation you just need your self and your favorite color.

May 11:
Today’s fitness demo incorporates movements from Barre. You will need a nonskid surface such as a yoga mat or a welcome mat or non-slip socks and a sturdy counter. It is recommended to keep movements small and be sure to have one foot on a non-skid surface for safety.

May 8:
Here’s a breakdown of the core exercise, Russian crosses/twists. Rob shows several variations to adjust the difficulty when performing the exercise.

May 7:
Rob shows you a series of exercises to work on balance, as well as ankle and knee stability.

May 6:
For this practice you will need a steady chair, bench or kitchen counter. This flow gets the blood flowing and is a wonderful way to get the energy up. By modifying with a chair it is easy on the wrists. You may notice we skip cobra (not a mistake) this is to further negate undo pressure on the wrists. Jamie has added some variations for a core challenge, as well as for a wrist modification. Always listen to your body and enjoy every part of your flow. Namaste!

May 4:
Alternate Nostril breathing is a wonderful way to mindfully breath, fully and deeply. Do this breathing practice anytime you need to center yourself. Namaste!

May 1:
Try out this senior strength workout from Allie! You do 3 sets of 12 reps. for each of the following exercises: Assisted single deadlifts and seated quadriceps. Enjoy!

April 30:
Ready to do a few exercises with a partner? Today’s video was shot at a location we all know and love! If you have a resistance band (or two), try these simple moves which will challenge your balance and core in particular. Enjoy!

April 29:
Many of you have a few staple pieces of equipment to utilize at home. If one of them is a stability ball (any size!), go get it and join Dori for this mini core workout! No kneeling or getting down to floor necessary.

April 28:
Try out this TRX workout from Allie! It consists of rows, lunges, triceps, and pushups. Do each one twice for 30 seconds.

April 27:
Today’s message will resonate with all of our members who are staying at home with their pets or are dog people (and we have many!). If you’re struggling or feeling down about not being able to get your typical workouts in, take heart in knowing that “the pets will thrive”.

April 24:
Here’s another one from Rob – a low impact version of squats to work on leg strength and core stability. Rob shows off several manipulations of the form to make adjustments based on fitness level.

April 23:
Rob goes through a few low impact, arm exercises to pump up the biceps and triceps from a seated, postural position.

April 21:
Rob goes through a kneeling to standing mobility drill that’s used to develop range of motion in your hips, strengthen your legs, and stabilize your core.

April 17:
Try out Rob’s homemade workout – he calls it the “Prison Circuit.” It consists of 10 rounds with little to no rest during the following exercises and repetitions: Pull-ups for 5, sit-ups for 12, push-ups for 12, and jumping jacks for 50.

April 7:
Do you want to fire up your triceps?
Let Allie show you how; do each four exercises for 30sec. Four times 💪🏻

April 6:

Rob takes you through the classic Sit-Up and describe progressions you can make, as well as some tips to help keep correct form and posture.

Sit-Up progressions from Rob on Vimeo.

April 2:

In this video Rob goes through the basic plank progressions as well as some of his favorite variations of a push-up position plank. Correct form and body alignment is described through each variation.

March 26:

This is an undoubtedly a stressful time. Try relieving some of that stress with these great core exercises!

March 25:

Ready to work out with Dori? Throw on your favorite music and get your body moving!

March 24:

Ready for a lunchtime exercise break? Rob’s got you covered. His short workout focuses on the lower body and core/ab combo with an option to add in upper body movements along the way. Try it out!

Untitled from Rob on Vimeo.

March 23:

Get your heart pumping this morning with a legs and quads workout from Allie!

March 19:

It’s time for a mini, post-lunch workout! Try out this 3 minute pilates blast!

March 18:

It’s squats and shoulders day! Here is another super quick workout blast with Allie to keep you moving!

March 17:

OK, J-Fitness friends… If you’re missing your morning workout, we’ve got you covered. Grab a mat or a towel and get ready for a core workout with Dori!
We’ll be posting content regularly… It’s an important time to maintain your routine and practice self-care.

Check back soon for more content!

J-Fitness at Home

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