Israel at 70: YemeNight

Wednesday, June 6 | 7:00pm
(rescheduled from March 7 due to inclement weather)

Who are the Yemenite Jews? How have their fascinating aliyah to Israel and the struggles they faced influenced Israeli culture today?

You are invited to enter the world of the Jewish-Yemenite tradition. Learn about the fascinating history of Yemenite Jews, their immigration to Israel, and the difficulties of assimilation. Discover what makes a Yemenite different from Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and other Jewish groups. Listen to music, discuss traditions, and enjoy traditional Jewish-Yemenite food including malawach, a fried bread consisting of layers of puff pastry.

For more information, contact Tslil Reichman at or 401.421.4111 ext. 121.

Israel at 70: YemeNight

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