Join us for an insider’s perspective on threats and opportunities created by the digitization of our world – and learn how you can profit from it. Alon Arvatz, IDF "8200" elite unit veteran, cybersecurity expert, and successful entrepreneur will take us through the contemporary landscape of cybersecurity. This talk will delve into the high stakes, risks, and opportunities in the world of cybersecurity, as told through the eyes of a veteran of Israel’s cyberwarfare division.

In his book "“The Battle for Your Computer” Arvatz interviews prominent founders and leaders involved with major cybersecurity companies, and tells the story of the men and women who turned a national battle for survival against hostile nations into a springboard for creativity and daring. You'll discover how that same country transformed its most pressing challenges into its most striking advantages.

Alon Arvatz

Alon Arvatz is the CEO and co-founder of PointFive. Before that, he co-founded IntSights, a cybersecurity and threat intelligence startup, and led it to a successful acquisition of Rapid7. He authored the book “The Battle for Your Computer” which depicts the success story of the Israeli cybersecurity industry. Alon is also involved in social impact, founding the non-profits "Kanfey Kesef" which promotes financial literacy, and "Step2Tech" which brings diversity to the high-tech industry. Alon is an active angel investor and advisor for startups and funds.

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