In the first of three virtual art lectures we will learn about Marc Chagall, a Russian-French artist who worked in a variety of media but is most renowned for his paintings. During his time, he was the foremost Jewish artist in the world and has since been referred to as “the quintessential Jewish artist of the twentieth century.”

Chagall is best known for his vibrant use of color to attract the viewer’s attention, his lively and imaginative artworks often combine Cubism and Fauvism with his folkish style. This lecture will cover his most iconic works and explore how the places he lived, his personal background, and the events of his time impacted his art.

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Marc Chagall
Ronnit Vasserman

Ronnit Vasserman is the founder of Art Connect Group, a full service art consulting firm located in New York. She has a degree in Fine Arts and Art History. In addition to helping clients acquire art she educates them on all the latest trends by organizing events throughout the year. These events include art fair walkthroughs, studio, museum, auction house and gallery visits. When the pandemic shifted events to virtual, Ronnit presented over 300 lectures on zoom and discovered that she enjoyed the way it allowed her to meet new people across the United States and overseas.

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