Endowment & Legacy

The Jewish Federation Foundation – the place to leave your lasting Jewish legacy.

For more than six decades, hundreds of individuals and families – and their advisors – have entrusted the Jewish Federation Foundation with the responsibility to build and manage a permanent endowment to advance our Jewish community in Rhode Island and to strengthen support for the vital programs and services we value for the people of Israel and Jews worldwide.

The Foundation promotes lasting and creative philanthropy by developing meaningful partnerships with donors and their advisors to achieve enduring charitable goals for Rhode Island’s Jewish community.

The Jewish Federation Foundation supports the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island’s mission of caring for those in need, strengthening Jewish life and advancing the unity, values and shared purpose of the Jewish people. Through the acquisition, professional management and distribution of capital resources, The Foundation ensures that the programs, services and institutions that serve our people in Rhode Island, in Israel and abroad will be enhanced and sustained for the ages.

You don’t have to be wealthy to help.

Creating Your Lasting Jewish Legacy

Whether your goals include making a difference in the world, reducing your taxes, or benefiting from an increased income stream, The Jewish Federation Foundation is ready to work with you, your family and your professional advisors to meet your objectives. No matter how or what you choose to give, you will fulfill a mitzvah and support vital programs that bring help and hope to Jewish people in need in Rhode Island, in Israel and worldwide.

Why Partner with The Jewish Federation Foundation for Your Charitable Gift Planning?

  • You can support a variety of needs in our Jewish community.  Your legacy gift can feed the hungry, care for vulnerable elderly Jews, educate children or fulfill the vision you have for a better tomorrow for our people.  Legacy gifts remain for all time, ensuring that your hopes and dreams for the Jewish people endure for generations to come.  Whether you wish to inspire and strengthen Jewish identity, safeguard our people or encourage the next generation to embrace their rich Jewish heritage in new and innovative ways – or all of the above – we can help make it all possible.
  • The Jewish Federation Foundation understands our Jewish world and will be your central resource.  We partner with the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island and work every day with Jewish organizations across the U.S., Israel and around the world.  We can connect you to projects and organizations about which you might not otherwise know.  Whatever your philanthropic interests are, we’ll match you with organizations that can help you address them.
  • You and your family can fulfill all your charitable objectives through The Jewish Federation Foundation.  We are always here to offer our best advice and assist with the management of your philanthropy. You may wish to establish your personal legacy or inspire next generation giving.  All philanthropic decisions are up to you. This is your legacy. We are here to help you and your family create and sustain it.
  • You can benefit from the expert investment management of endowment funds.  The Jewish Federation Foundation is committed to the good stewardship of all community assets.  This is accomplished through The JFF’s Investment Committee, which sets policy, provides oversight and monitors investment performance.

For more information, contact Trine Lustig at tlustig@jewishallianceri.org or 401.421.4111 ext. 223.



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