Dor L’Dor Society Presents: Rabbi Laura Geller

The Dor l’ Dor Society presents a special virtual event featuring author, Rabbi Laura Geller

The baby boomer generation transformed society in the ’60s and ’70s and changed the way the world saw young people. Now, this generation is in our 60s and 70s, and we are challenging assumptions about aging by living longer, being more active than our parents and grandparents, and simply doing things differently as we age. In the process, we are changing the way the world sees older people. Just as The Jewish Catalog gave a generation the tools to “take back Judaism from the staid hands of our elders and reshape it for our time,” Getting Good at Getting Older gives the “young older” an opportunity to discover, in Jewish tradition and culture, the tools, resources, and skills needed to navigate the years between maturity (building careers/raising families) and frail old age, and create a new paradigm for growing older.

Brought to you by the Jewish Federation Foundation in partnership with the Jewish Book Council.

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Dor L’Dor Society Presents: Rabbi Laura Geller

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