May 22,2016 | by: Brian Sullivan

Late Saturday evening or Sunday morning, a swastika was painted on the Kollel sign on the grounds of Congregation Ohawe Sholam in Pawtucket located on East Avenue. The Pawtucket Police were immediately contacted as was the Mayor of Pawtucket, Donald Grebien. A year and a half ago a swastika was spray painted at the bus […]

May 20,2016 | by: Kara Marziali

Two weeks ago today, the Jewish Alliance commemorated Yom Ha’Shoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, at our community’s Holocaust Memorial in downtown Providence. On that cloudy, cold, gray morning, I declared, “Never forget,” and I further spoke how appropriate it was that the weather made us feel uncomfortable. How ironic that I would be traveling the very […]

May 19,2016 | by: Kara Marziali

IsraAid, an Israel-based NGO, sent a team to help 90,000 displaced people after a massive wildfire devastated a region in the western province of Alberta.  For over a decade, IsraAid, an Israel-based non-profit, non-governmental organization has provided life-saving disaster relief and long-term support in crisis all over the world. For the first time, it is deploying a team […]

May 06,2016 | by: Brian Sullivan

In 2012, my friend Maxine Richman invited me to attend the Rhode Island Interfaith Coalition’s Conference to Reduce Poverty. I was so moved by how dire our local economic conditions had become. At the same time, my friend Alan Hassenfeld challenged me to explore the depth of poverty and vulnerability that he sensed was paralyzing […]

April 22,2016 | by: Kara Marziali

The Rabbinical Assembly, an international association of Conservative Rabbis, recently adopted ateshuvah (ruling) permitting Ashkenazi Jews to eat kitniyot (e.g., rice, corn, and legumes) during the upcoming Pesach holiday. Rabbi Amy Levin, the distinguished former rabbi of Temple Torat Yisrael and former head of the Rhode Island Board of Rabbis, was a co-drafter of this teshuvah. In a […]

April 08,2016 | by: Kara Marziali

Happily, baseball season has finally begun. For the next seven months, our boys in those iconic red “sox” (spare me about those boys in pinstripes!) shall begin their marathon to reclaim the World Series championship after two seasons in the basement. Headline-making, individual accomplishments will be achieved, and records shall be broken. So, too, shall […]

March 25,2016 | by: Kara Marziali

I simply cannot make sense of the horrendous events which are transpiring throughout the world on a daily basis. The heinous, vicious Brussels bombings constituted the latest murderous terrorist attacks that have occurred internationally. How many more innocent lives incomprehensibly will be lost or forever altered? And just last week, someone cowardly desecrated a Brown […]

March 20,2016 | by: Brian Sullivan

The Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island strongly condemns the anti-Semitic and homophobic vandalism that was recently perpetrated at Brown University. We stand with our partner and friends at Brown RISD Hillel in saying that this kind of hateful conduct is unacceptable. We applaud the Brown administrators and the Department of Public Safety for their immediate […]

March 11,2016 | by: Kara Marziali

Last Shabbat, my wife and I attended our cousin’s truly lovely Bar Mitzvah. In my mind, B’nai Mitzvah constitute the most unique and sentimental moments imaginable. Where else can a Jewish child show appreciation to the people who provide him/her with unconditional love, support and guidance? Not surprisingly, my mind wandered to my own Bar […]

February 26,2016 | by: Kara Marziali

If the Gershwin brothers were alive today, they might have written the lyrics to one of their classic songs as follows: “You say Sanders, and I say Clinton. You say Donald, and I say Marco. Marco, Donald, Clinton, Sanders…Let’s call the whole thing off.” But guess what? We cannot, nor should we. In our American […]

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