February 24,2017 | by: Kara Marziali

Last week’s Boston Jewish Advocate reported that Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and now current Broadway icon, might actually have been Jewish. According to University of Oklahoma Professor Andrew Porwancher, Hamilton’s mother converted to Judaism upon her marriage to a Jewish merchant and then changed her name to Rachel […]

February 22,2017 | by: Brian Sullivan

Sent February 21, 2017: The Jewish Alliance focuses on the safety and security of our community every day. We work to prepare and plan for the unimaginable so that should there be an incident we are ready to respond appropriately. Yesterday, another rash of bomb threats was made to nearly a dozen Jewish communities—all of […]

February 10,2017 | by: Kara Marziali

The Patriots’ Super Bowl victory constituted a magnificent tableau of perseverance played out over four glorious hours last Sunday night. Given that the Patriots defeated the Falcons, they (and we, by extension) won, and the Falcons and their fans lost. But what if the Patriots were unable to triumph in overtime, let alone in the […]

January 27,2017 | by: Kara Marziali

 What is innovation? Does something innovative need to be new? As old fashioned and nostalgic as I am, such does not mean that I do not recognize and embrace innovation. As Richard Lyons said in The Economist, innovation is “fresh thinking that creates value.” And the same mindset can be attributed to the Jewish Alliance. Realizing […]

January 13,2017 | by: Kara Marziali

On August 18, 1963, the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. declared in his I Have a Dream speech, “Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.”  This coming Monday, our country […]

December 30,2016 | by: Kara Marziali

As I sit here eating my umpteenth potato latke, I have to make a difficult confession. Simply stated, I no longer look, or much more importantly feel, like a young Robert Redford.  (Come to think of it, neither does Robert Redford, but that is beside the point). I think this latest mid-life crisis of mine […]

December 16,2016 | by: Kara Marziali

‘Twas nearly the Shabbat before Hanukkah And all through my belly Not a thought was occurring Except sufganiyot with jelly    Well, with all apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, this year’s Festival of Lights actually coincides with Christmas Eve and Day.  So much for going to a movie and eating Chinese food next Sunday (although […]

December 02,2016 | by: Kara Marziali

In writing about this season’s new hit television show, “This Is Us”, Boston Globe critic Matthew Gilbert writes that the program’s fictional family members are desperately looking for some healing, and as such, “are interconnected, whether they like it or not.  Our country, alas, is in the same place, divided and yet stuck with one […]

November 18,2016 | by: Kara Marziali

Our country, let alone our world at large, desperately needs opportunities to experience spiritual and intellectual restoration. One of the most impactful ways to unite and heal collectively is through classroom and experiential learning. This Sunday afternoon, we have the opportunity to study and participate together at the 2016 Global Day of Jewish Learning, which […]

November 14,2016 | by: Brian Sullivan

Last Tuesday, the citizens of our great state and nation elected officials to lead us with wisdom and compassion and to guide and properly shape our country. The Community Relations Council of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island congratulates all who were victorious including President-Elect Donald J. Trump.  We also thank those who ran […]

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A Post-Election Statement from the Community Relations Council

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