Jewish Roots – Growing Community through Art

The “Jewish Roots” community art project is a collection of at-home activities designed to keep people creative and connected while also bringing us together as a community.

The centerpiece of the project is a tree-shaped mosaic designed by renowned Judaica artist Nancy Katz, and it will feature glass “gems” created by members of our incredible, diverse community. Just as each piece of a mosaic is vibrant and unique on its own, so too are the people in our community. And when those individual pieces are brought together with common purpose, they’re able to create something much greater and more beautiful.

We hope you’ll join us in building this representation of our amazing community. Everyone is welcome to participate, and no artistic talent is required. To get started, click here.

(For additional gem templates, click here.)

Frequently Asked Questions:


Mock-up showing planned location and size of mosaic.

Q: What is “Jewish Roots?”
The “Jewish Roots” project was conceived as a way to grow our community’s sense of togetherness. Originally, the project was planned to be the mosaic tree, but our focus shifted with the arrival of COVID-19. The tree is still at the center of the project, but we’re now able to offer a “Creativity Kit” full of items that encourage self-care, as well as peace and beauty at home. The expansion of this plan makes it possible to involve many more people than we had first planned.

Q: “Creativity Kit?” That sounds like a lot of work!
A: Not at all! Your kit will include simple instructions and templates for your art, along with some fun surprises to help brighten your day!

Q: But I’m not an artist.
You don’t have to be! You can share a drawing, some meaningful words, an abstract design, or anything else!

Q: What happens after I make my art?
Mail your art back to us, and artist Nancy Katz will mount it on a glass “gem.” These gems will then be mounted on the tree for all to see. 

Q: Who can participate in this project?
A: Everyone is invited to participate. If you’re a member of the greater Rhode Island Jewish community, or a member at the Dwares JCC, we want you to be part of this!

What will you create?

Q: How can I get involved?
All you have to do is sign up to receive your free Creativity Kit and follow the simple directions inside!

Q: How big will the tree be?
The tree will be 11′ tall and 8′ wide; that’s enough room for everyone to contribute a “gem” (or two or three)!

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Jewish Roots – Growing Community through Art

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